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  1. February 20th, 2018

    3 Ways to Use Wainscoting in Your Home

    Cassie Adams
    Custom Wainscoting Adams Co Services

    Wainscoting is a wood paneling that lines the lower part of the walls in a room or hallway. Common styles can range from a “farmhouse” style that uses beadboard and a more basic chair rail and is typically painted white, to elaborate panels made of stain grade wood in an array of shades to match the style or time period of the house. The possibilities with wainscoting are endless, but in this article we want to highlight 3 of our favorite ways to use wainscoting in your home to add that extra touch of charm and character.

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  2. February 5th, 2018

    Making Wasted Space Functional

    Cassie Adams

    If you are like me, as much as you want your home to be organized and tidy at all times, most days it looks like a tornado whipped through. The biggest issue that most homeowners run into when it comes to getting organized and maintaining it, is a lack of functional space for storage. You may have bookshelves, filing cabinets, or junk drawers where you can toss things that don’t belong anywhere else, but those places end up getting too cluttered themselves after a while. So what do you do? Slowly drown in stuff? No way!

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  3. January 20th, 2018

    Islands to Add Some Spice to Your Kitchen

    Cassie Adams

    Looking over our saved pictures for future “Homespiration” posts I noticed a strong trend, Kitchen Islands. Did you know that you can add an island to your kitchen without replacing the whole kitchen? Adams & Co. can match the style and finish of your existing kitchen cabinets, or bring in some contrast with a different style and finish. Here are some ideas for your kitchen, and why we like them!

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  4. January 5th, 2018

    Re-Purposed Barn Roofing Back Splash

    Cassie Adams
    Cassie Adams wears mask and shows palm of hands with stains from finishing wood

    Last fall we got some great old rusted beat up sheet metal from a friend of ours who had replaced the roof on one of his barns. When we took it home I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it. After a little brainstorming I decided the rusty color would make for a great kitchen back-splash!

    My first obstacle was figuring out how to make it cleanable. I love easy to maintain finishes so the prospect of having a back-splash in the Kitchen where it would likely get greasy and dirty, that I wouldn’t be able to just wipe with a Lysol wipe was not a good thought for me. I decided to try a swatch with a coating of clear polyurethane. A little bit of an unconventional finish for metal but for our purposes I thought It would work. I scrubbed some of the bigger chunks and generally smoothed the test swatch down using a wire brush. This left a lot of dust so I wiped it down with a damp rag and left it to dry. Once it had dried out I covered it with a coat of the clear poly and walked away.

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